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A few years ago, I started looking for a flexible and mobile solution to play music from my mp3 player, laptop, phone, radio etc. After browsing stores for existing speaker setups for a while, I decided to build my own. Partly because I could not find exactly what I had in mind and partly because I simply enjoy designing and making speakers myself.

I picked up a cheap (and ugly) second hand computer speaker system and took out the components. I restored these components and added two extra speakers that I had laying around. This video shows the testing of the reconfigured speaker system:

I designed the speaker system in a modular way, so that I can configure a fitting setup for different occasions and locations. For example: a small unamplified setup to use in a quiet room before going to bed (setup 1 on the scheme in the picture gallery), a bigger amplified setup with few wires to take outside (setup 3) or a bigger setup with added small speakers,  connected to a laptop, to watch a movie.

I wanted the final result to stay reasonably compact and thus I chose to use a cube as the basic shape for all the elements. Only quite recently, I got around making and finishing this modular speaker system idea into a reality. The results are shown here in photo and video:


The small amplified setup (2):

The big amplified setup (4):

I also want to add a solar panel, so that I don’t need a socket or batteries when I take this outside, but I still need to figure out which solar panel would be suited.

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