Retap Sleeves – final prototype

After 1,5 years, I wanted to finally push the Retap sleeve beyond the prototype phase and have it look the way I intended it. So I learned how to operate the sewing machine I knew we have at home (which belongs to my dad, surprisingly) and got to work. It’s quite a lot of work to make these, so Retap, if you ever want to put these into production, it will probably require some simplification 🙂

The sleeves are made of a sandwich of 3 fabrics: the inside is lined with thin blue cotton cloth, the middle layer is a thicker woolen piece for insulation and protection (recycled from an old sweater) and the outer layer is a decorative and durable cotton fabric.

The droplet cutout was originally designed to emphasize the Retap logo on the old bottles (and to make closing the sleeve with just one clasp possible), but it goes quite well with the new ones too.

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