Workout time

I made these fitness schemes for myself a while back, but I thought they might be useful to others as well.

How to use these schemes: for one workout, I usually do every exercise block the same number of times. When you get fitter, you gradually up the number you work with. For example, you start by doing every exercise block 3 times and you add 1 every one or two weeks and after a few months you end up being able to easily do about 100 push-ups in one workout session.

Short workout (about 5 to 10min):

Long workout (about 30 to 60 min):

Note: Since I run and bike a lot (and thus don’t need to train my legs much more) these 2 workouts are mainly focused on the upper body.

You can also create your own workout sequence with this link to a .zip file including all exercise block icons seperately: fitness

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