Experiments with wood 3

I’ve been fascinated with the (collection of) material(s, named) wood for quite a while, but rarely worked with it during my education since paper, cardboard and foam were cheaper, better available to me and I knew I could easily work with them.
But ever since making the mobile speaker set, my interest for making things from wood has only grown, so I thought I’d share some recent and not-so-recent wooden creations.

Experiments with wood 3: Necklace.
Making others happy by giving them something that I created myself is to me one of the most rewarding things I can think of. Added to that, I find that the gifts that I appreciated receiving the most are those that the giver spent a lot of time on finding, or even better: making.
That is why I wanted to take a shot at making a necklace. Working again with pine wood, since that’s what I had around and it’s soft and really easy to work with. This might prove to not have been the best choice, as the pine doesn’t seem to cope very well with being in touch with skin a lot. But hey, that’s why this is called ‘experiments’ with wood. Also, suggestions for wood choices/finishes are welcome!
I used a Dremel 3000 multitool for most of the work, a basic wood saw for the first cuts and sandpaper for a smooth finish.


Update March 2014:

After working with beechwood, I decided to revisit the wooden heart jewelry (because the pine does not seem to hold up well) and add a pair of earrings, because why not.

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