Experiments with wood 5

I’ve been fascinated with the (collection of) material(s, named) wood for quite a while, but rarely worked with it during my education since paper, cardboard and foam were cheaper, better available to me and I knew I could easily work with them.
But ever since making the mobile speaker set, my interest for making things from wood has only grown, so I thought I’d share some recent and not-so-recent wooden creations.

Experiments with wood 5: Ring.

I had made a big wooden ring before (in the moodlight project: link) and after seeing a few examples on the interwebs, wanted to try and make a finger-sized wooden ring.
Mainly, this project made me realise that I really need to educate myself more on the different kinds of wood, and that not all things can be made from leftover pieces of pine-wood that I have laying around 🙂 I tried making rings from pine, but most of them broke in the making process and when I finally managed to finish one, it basically melted when it was worn while doing dishes.
So I picked up a piece of hardwood and got to work again.
I really like the final outcome, but since giving a ring without a box is kind of a no-go, I returned to the soft pinewood to make a fitting box.

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