Experiments with wood 2

I’ve been fascinated with the (collection of) material(s, named) wood for quite a while, but rarely worked with it during my education since paper, cardboard and foam were cheaper, better available to me and I knew I could easily work with them.
But ever since making the mobile speaker set, my interest for making things from wood has only grown, so I thought I’d share some recent and not-so-recent wooden creations.

Experiments with wood 2: Mood light.
I have been (and still am) collecting LEDs from old/broken devices for years, to ‘upcycle’ them into new functional objects. A moodlight seemed like the perfect project to put some of the LEDs that didn’t produce a lot of light to good use. I wanted the moodlight to give a warm and cozy glow to a room, ideal for falling asleep/waking up with or to use as background illumintation when watching a movie or listening to (calming) music. So I chose to combine yellow and red to produce a warm, soft orange light.
Since I wanted to see that glow on the lamp itself, not only on the walls of a room, I added a lampshade: a simple piece of paper shaped into a tube. I thought it would be nice to be able to use different kinds and sizes of paper, and that’s how I got the idea to make a removable ring to keep any piece of paper in place and in the desired tube shape.

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