Experiments with wood 4

I’ve been fascinated with the (collection of) material(s, named) wood for quite a while, but rarely worked with it during my education since paper, cardboard and foam were cheaper, better available to me and I knew I could easily work with them.
But ever since making the mobile speaker set, my interest for making things from wood has only grown, so I thought I’d share some recent and not-so-recent wooden creations.

Experiments with wood 4: Spectacle frame.
I’ve seen a few wooden glasses (usually sunglasses) being posted on design blogs I follow and I quite liked the idea and the look of a wooden frame. So naturally, I wanted to see if I could make a spectacle frame myself.
Based on an old pair of glasses, I constructed a frame out of solid pine. I managed to make the glasses fit (both my head and the actual lenses), but the end result could be better.
I didn’t succeed in constructing hinges, the frame does not fit quite as snugly around the glasses as I would like and I realised that pine is not the best wood to use for things that are delicate yet need to be strong.
But, it does look OK and I learned some things (which was the main goal) so I might give this another go sometime.

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