Experiments with wood 8 & 9

I’ve been fascinated with the (collection of) material(s, named) wood for quite a while, but rarely worked with it during my education since paper, cardboard and foam were cheaper, better available to me and I knew I could easily work with them.
But ever since making the mobile speaker set, my interest for making things from wood has only grown, so I thought I’d share some recent and not-so-recent wooden creations.

birds (x2)!

Experiments with wood 8: Chicken coop.

I made a luxurious chicken coop from mostly leftover material, the only new piece is 1 multiplex panel that was cut up to form the sides. I tried making the chicken ‘residence’ as easy to maintain as possible, for example the stepladder and all the internal dividers can be taken away effortlessly, to make for easy cleaning or transport. The reason that the hen-house is so high up is to allow for easy access to the eggs: the roof swings open and the eggs can be taken out without having to bend over.


Experiments with wood 9: Bird feeder platform.

I was asked to make a bird feeder that would only serve little birds (sparrows, finches, robins …) and discourage larger ones like magpies and crows to hang around to bully the little ones and eat way too much food. I did this by using a lattice to ‘filter’ bird, allowing small birds to pass trough while keeping others out. I built two of these bird feeders, all from leftover material (from the chicken coop, for example).

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